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To purchase a pedal for use with the FTW Transcriber, see the link at the foot of this page.

The FTW Transcriber is compatible with all the pedals listed below PLUS any other pedal or device that can be linked to your computer’s keys, because the keys that the device controls can be matched to the FTW Transcriber’s hotkeys.

Sample list of compatible pedals:

  • the Infinity USB-2 pedal (as used with Express Scribe)
  • the Alto Edge pedal
  • the Olympus RS series: RS31, RS28, RS27, RS32 (Hand Controller), RS31H, RS28H, RS27H
  • all Olympus pedals as part of AS series packages
  • Philips ACC series pedals
  • Grundig 538 and 540 USB
  • Grundig 536 with Digta Soundbox 830, here.
  • the Start-Stop transcription system
  • ECS-FPAE pedal

Pedal manufacturers – your pedal not here? Contact us.

For instructions on using a pedal, click here.

Buy Pedal:Buy bundle (pedal, software, headset):

Click on the image to buy an FTW-compatible pedal from our partners at Dictation Mall.

Click on the image to buy a bundle from our partners at Dictation Mall.

Contains the FTW Transcriber software, pedal and headset.

The FTW Transcriber