Number of FTWT sessions since 2011: 2674165
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This software does NOT transcribe automatically – you must type all the dialog.  For recommended speech recognition software, try ScribeManager: 

Please take care to install the correct version of the FTW Transcriber for your system. 

Version list:

– Main version.  For Windows (all versions except XP) – click HERE to download.  All the Help documentation on this site refers to this version.

– Windows XP only – click HERE to download.

– previous version (3.7) – use this if you cannot make the new version work – click HERE to download.

– Mac.  There is no Mac version but you can use the FTW Transcriber on a Mac if you install a Windows environment using software such as WMWare Fusion.  Click here for information.

– Android.  Left-click here.

If you already have a license key and after installing you see a message that your key isn’t valid, you may need to reset it here.

Thank you for downloading the FTW Transcriber. We hope you enjoy using it and we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

If you want to uninstall the FTW Transcriber, please do so via Control Panel, Programs, or visit this page for instructions:

The FTW Transcriber