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File formats

The FTW Transcriber plays a huge range of file types, including, in alphabetical order:

3gpp, aac, ac3, ape, asf, dat, dss, ds2, dts, flac, flv, hdmov, it, m2ts, mkv, mkv, mo3, mod, mov, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpg, mtm, nuv, ogg, ogm, ps, s3m, ts, tta, umx, vi, vob, vorbis, wav, wma, wmv, wv, xm

If you have difficulty playing a particular file type, update your Windows Media Player, and also install the latest version of the FTW Transcriber, ensuring during installation that you install any codecs for which you see prompts.

To play a wider range of file types, please install these codecs:

For information about playing vob files, click here.

If you cannot play dss or ds2 files, please click on this link to install the required codec:

If you still have difficulty after that, please contact us.

Note that when the FTW Transcriber plays certain file types, it first converts them to wav.

The FTW Transcriber