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FTWT4A is the FTW Transcriber for Android.

In addition to your PC, why not transcribe on your smartphone or Android tablet?

Think you can only transcribe at your desk?  Not any more.  With FTWT4A you can work and earn wherever you are – not just at your desk but also in the dentist’s waiting-room, on the sofa, while sitting on the train or bus… literally anywhere!



How does Android transcription work?

Just like transcribing at your PC, except you don’t use a foot pedal.  You don’t need a physical keyboard, but it’s quicker to use one.  All you need is an Android device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Isn’t it really slow to transcribe on a smartphone?
You can get pretty fast at transcribing even with small phone buttons, and even faster on a tablet, where the on-screen buttons are bigger.  But almost every Android phone or tablet can easily be linked to a physical keyboard using bluetooth, enabling you to do seriously fast transcription work.

Even if you never get as fast on Android as on your desktop, the point is that it lets you transcribe wherever you are.

But isn’t the screen too small?
Phones with small screens are functional for transcription.

You can connect your phone or tablet to a monitor or PC screen, which gives a great picture, but obviously that solution isn’t portable.

Can I play all file types on FTWT4A?
Not all, but you can play the most common audio and video files types including mp3, wav and mpeg (including Youtube downloads).  We’re working on including more.  If you need to transcribe other file types, such as dss, you can still do that by converting them to mp3 or wav on your desktop first.

How do I get audio files onto my Android, and how do I get transcripts off it?
There are various ways.  The most obvious is to connect your Android to a PC and transfer the files physically.  But you can also use email, gmail, bluetooth, Google Drive, or by uploading transcripts to the Internet using your Android browser.

How do I try FTWT4A?
Click here, or go to Google Play and search for “FTWT4A”.

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