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FTWT4a – recommended Bluetooth keyboards

You can type on FTWT4A using your device’s built-in touch-screen keyboard, but it’s much faster to use an external keyboard and type on real keys, just as you would on your desktop computer.

Here are some recommended keyboards for use with the FTW Transcriber, along with links to purchase.  Most of the links will enable shipping to anywhere in the world.

IMPORTANT: before purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard, please ensure it is compatible with your device.


Perixx PERIBOARD-805L Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

Because the Periboard folds, there’s no vulnerable Perixx PERIBOARD-805keyboard face to damage while it’s being carried around, and unlike most external keyboards it’s compact enough to fit easily into a pocket.  It comes in two sizes, 16 cm and 14.5 cm in length.

The fact that the keyboard is designed to fold means that it’s effectively split into two halves with an unused space between.  For that reason, it will be much more suitable for touch-typists – if you’re used to moving all the fingers of both hands all round the keyboard, you’ll find this one confusing.

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Anker T320 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

The Anker is compatible not just with Android but also with Anker T320 Wireless Bluetooth KeyboardWindows and iOS, so you can use the same keyboard with your Windows desktop and your Android device.  Keys are well-positioned and comfortable to type on.

The only issue we found is that the space bar has to be pressed quite hard for it to register, so this keyboard is not suitable for light typists.  Other than that, an excellent all-round keyboard.

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Perixx PERIBOARD-804

The Perixx Periboard 804 is compatible with Perixx PERIBOARD-804Android and Apple devices, though not Windows PCs, but works fine with FTWT4A.  It’s easy to type on, and is available in both UK and US keyboard layouts.

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