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The FTW Transcriber works on all versions of Windows.  To install it, click the Download button below.

Most users should experience no issues, but in the event of difficulty, please see the FAQs on this page.

If you are unable to solve your issue, please contact us via the Contact page.

What file types does the FTW Transcriber play?
Do I need Windows Media Player?
A file is playing but I hear no sound; how do I fix this?
What operating systems does the FTW Transcriber work in?
Does it work on Apple computers?
I'm having difficulties transcribing from a DVD - what can I do?
Which word processors does the FTW Transcriber work with?
I see an error message “Access denied to ftwt.cfg”.
When I try to use the hotkeys, I keep getting this message: 'This command is not available because no document is open.
Why can't I get the hotkeys to work?
The FTW Transcriber isn't inserting timestamps into my document - what's going wrong?
I can’t play wmv files properly in the FTW Transcriber.
I keep getting this message: 'Shockwave player not installed. Run setup.exe again to fix this problem.' What can I do?
I can't use the default hotkeys because I need them for functions in my word processor. What can I do?
Some of the default hotkeys are working properly, but others are doing weird things. What can I do?
Why isn't the speedup/slowdown control working?
I'm having difficulty playing vob files; what can I do?
How do I make the FTW Transcriber play remote files?
Can I use an FTW Transcriber license on more than one computer?
What is the Opportunity Window?


The FTW Transcriber