Number of FTWT sessions since 2011: 2145572
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The FTW Transcriber is compatible with:

  • the Infinity USB-2 pedal (as used with Express Scribe)
  • the Alto Edge pedal
  • the Olympus RS31, RS28, RS27, RS32 (Hand Controller), RS31H, RS28H, RS27H
  • Philips ACC series pedals

To use a pedal, first unplug any other pedals that you are not using.  Then simply plug your pedal in to your computer and restart the FTW Transcriber. You may also need to try more than one USB port. EXCEPTION: if using a Philips pedal, click Settings, then check “I’m using a Philips pedal”, click OK, then restart the FTW Transcriber.

Buy Pedal:Buy bundle (pedal, software, headset):

Buy an FTW-compatible pedal from our partners at

Buy a bundle from our partners at

Contains the FTW Transcriber software, pedal and headset.

The FTW Transcriber